Letter to the Editor from LEARN Co-Chairs Published in Education Week

Education Week, a leading, national source for education news, recently published a Letter to the Editor from LEARN co-chairs Dean Donna Wiseman, Dean Glenn Good, and Dean Donald Heller – along with Elizabeth Talbott from the Center for Exceptional Children – regarding the proposed cuts to education research funding contained in the House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies FY16 Appropriations bill.

The proposed cuts, according to the letter, “would have a devastating impact on the education research community—decreasing research funding to levels not seen in 20 years,” and would do tremendous harm to “students, especially those who already face barriers to academic achievement.”

The authors urged “members of Congress and the Obama Administration [to] ensure that our federal budget reflects the national importance we place on educational equity and opportunity for all young people” and restore critical funding for education research.

Earlier this year, LEARN led the effort to draft a letter to congressional leaders urging them to restore funding for education research, which was signed by nearly 2,000 research organizations and individuals from across the country.

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